theExpeditionarium Ideas as technology.


Note: This is a WIP and subject to change and further development.

This would be the convergence of Junction and wayPoint in which a Junction node successfully acquires and expands its space enough to open its doors to the public. Coinciding with Junction’s own priorities, this space would and should always begin with training space comprising of, at least, barbell training equipment, impact mats, and space for Jiu-Jitsu training. Even at this point could a Junction node open a wayPoint node, but just as physical training is not the central focus of Junction, neither is it for wayPoint or any hypothetical brick-and-mortar campus under its name.

Theoretically, a wayPoint node could scale and branch much faster and more easily than any co-learning/training space a Junction node might hold, and as such would a Junction node benefit and even find a much larger pool of prospective members to draw from.

In short, the concept here is to create a campus which branches from a place of ideas, into a distilled sort of physicality, then into mechanical materiality, and into the electrical and digital before finally circling back into the realm of pure ideas by the stimulation of such an abundance of resources (to include bodily resources and not to the exclusion of their psychological dimension).



A startup concept in which wayPoint-borne or related concepts are developed and pursued in a brick-and-mortar campus environment. This would begin with a co-training gym covering all of the essential elements of pranaBindu, starting with barbell equipment, and, most immediately, it would branch into mechanically oriented facilities (beginning with bicycle repair and then into welding and machining which first allow for the expansion of our available barbell equipment and then allow for the building and fabrication of bicycle parts).

This would almost immediately lead into CNC and additive manufacturing of complex parts which would simultaneously necessitate the inclusion of equipment for the electronic and computer components of that ecosystem. This would lead us into the realm of maintaining a full hacker/makerspace.

From there, we would also develop a co-working space and some recreation-oriented facilities. One idea would be to maintain full-sized VR playspaces, and with that equipment available, we could naturally start moving into virtual and mixed reality development.

On the side of all of this would be our media production facilities which would include sound video as well as graphic design. All of this would be available for projects within wayPoint, about wayPoint, or simply whatever personal projects our members might pursue (firstly, Moonside).

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