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Note: This is a WIP and subject to change and further development.

OAI (Orbital Arbiter Initiative)

A swarm of satellites transmitting Internet service from low-earth orbit, as well as various select blockchain or blockchain-related protocols apart from its full service (à la GPS). The network infrastructure (satellites and ground stations) would be funded by ICO or the future equivalent and governed by smart contract. Each satellite and station would act as a node and initiate contractual holdings upon activation as such. Service would be made available via investment (with various options available at various stages, the first being a specified level of investment and the last likely being a periodic fee), and the satellites would pay for their own development, upkeep, and replacement through that investment (part of which would be overflow from the ICO), and thus would that service be provided with relative anonymity, being tied to a blockchain address, rather than a home address (no doubt could more extensive identification methods be made available for purposes of remote recovery of access and related assets).

<!– #NOTE: made a reply on Akasha regarding this matter and came up the idea of sites being able to eat access (or bandwidth) fees.

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